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  • Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter - 10/20/30 Litre

    For the past 11 years Breeder Celect has been providing UK homes with 99% recycled paper cat litter, that is free from nasties like chemicals and additives and more importantly,

  • Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter

    Made from 100% natural lime and quartz sand, perfect for sensitive paws, the clean white colour not only looks hygienic but also helps in detecting changes in your cat’s urine, which can indicate health issues.

  • CJ`s Premium Wood Pellet Cat Litter

    CJ's Premium Cat Litter is 100% natural and made from virgin softwood. As it is antimicrobial, germs and bacterial cannot form on it, meaning that any odours are completely eradicated, not just masked with a scent.

  • King Catnip Keep Off Furniture Spray 175ml

    Discourage your cat or kitten from damaging home furniture and furnishings with our Keep Off spray.

  • Pettex Cat Litter

    Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter benefits from a unique sieving system that boosts the already excellent clumping powers.

  • Pettex Pampuss Cat Litter 30 Litre (wood pellet)

    Pampuss Woodpellet Cat Litter is light to handle and easy to dispose of. The pine fresh pellets are environmentally friendly, sourced naturally and made from 100% biodegradable residue wood material,

  • So Kleen Cat Litter

    So-Kleen Grey Cat Litter is ideal for the price conscious consumer, with effective clumping and odour control, it is suited to the higher volume user.

  • Sundown Kitt-E-Litter 15kg

    Natural straw pellet cat litter

  • Thomas Cat Litter 16 Litre

    This 16 Litre Cat Litter from Thomas has a special blend of natural minerals and is absorbent and hygienic making it simply clean, reliable & good quality!

  • Trixie XXL Litter Tray Mat - Anthracite

    PVC non-slip


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