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Breeder Celect, Fibre Cycle

Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter – 10/20/30 Litre


Product Description

For the past 11 years Breeder Celect has been providing UK homes with 99% recycled paper cat litter, that is free from nasties like chemicals and additives and more importantly, free from Silica and Clay, which is often bad for your cat and is made from strip mining.

Made in the UK, Breeder Celect is highly absorbent with natural odour control, ensuring your house smells clean and fresh and because it’s made from paper, water and air, it’s soft and safe for all paws.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter can be composted once the waste is removed, but we recommend you check with your local council.

Perfect for the little and big paws, look for Ginger on the pack.

Celect Better. Celect Ginger.

Why use us? 

The soft pitter patter of paws across the floor are a reminder of how small and delicate your cat is. Our uniquely formulated litter pellets are made from 99% recycled paper with no chemicals or additives, and thanks to a highly sterile production it is safe for all paws – young or old. With low dust, those cute paw prints won’t be tracked all through the house, while it’s high absorbency and natural odour control will keep your house odour free.

How to use

  1. Pour litter 2-4cm deep into tray.

  2. If your pet does not readily accept the new pellets, sprinkle some over existing litter and increase new pellets weekly.

  3. For best results, remove solid waste regularly and stir pellets to aerate.

  4. Top up with fresh pellets as needed and completely replace at least once a week.

  5. Breeder Celect can be popped in the green bin but make sure you remove the waste first (we recommend you also check with your local council on recycling and composting).

    *We also recommend you do not flush Breeder Celect down the toilet


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