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Feed for Caged Birds – Parrot Food, Budgie Food & More

Parrots, canaries, budgies, and all other domestic cage birds can eat a healthy and nourishing diet with Gladwells Pet & Country Store’s high-quality blends designed to keep your winged friends happy. We also stock cage bird accessories such as feeders, cages, and indoor aviaries. Browse our stock here.

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  • Easichick 10kg

    Easichick is a unique avian bedding which is an ideal choice for anyone looking to provide the best for their birds from day old chicks to adult birds.

  • Millet Sprays Box 15kg

    Premium quality millet sprays are a low fat, natural bird treat and a good source of carbohydrate and easily digested.

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Canaries 1kg

    Orlux Eggfood Dry For Canaries

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Canaries 5kg

    Orlux Eggfood Dry For Canaries

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Large Parakeets & Parrots 800g

    Egg food for large parakeets and parrots.

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Red 1kg

    Egg food with red colourants for canaries, European and tropical finches.

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Small Parakeets

    Egg food for budgies and other small parakeets.

  • Orlux Eggfood Dry Tropical Finches 1kg

    Orlux Eggfood Dry For Tropical Finches

  • Orlux Frutti Patee 1kg

    Orlux Frutti Patee eggfood with fruit for all bird species

  • Orlux Gold Patee Canaries

    Ready-to-use eggfood for canaries, European and tropical finches.

  • Orlux NutriBird Uni Patee 1kg

    Universal feed with a high nutritional value and a very good ingestion.

  • Ostrea Mixed Bird Grit 20kg

    Ostrea Mixed Bird Grit has been specifically formulated for small birds to keep them in top condition.


Gladwells Pet & Country Store is a leading supplier of nutritious, high-quality wild bird feed and wild bird accessories in the UK. When you want to attract some of Britain’s most beautiful wild birds to your doorstep (or at least in your rear garden), provide them with a safe and healthy place to nibble away with products from Gladwells Pet & Country Store.

We carry seed & grain blends, birdseed, suet, and nectar wild bird feed products that contain ingredients such as millet, rape, maize, oats, peanut granules, wheat, linseed, and much more. These healthy blends will attract pretty little birds for a bite or two and perhaps a song and dance if you’re lucky. Aside from a healthy snack and feeder, all you need to bring is your camera to capture your new visitors on film.

In addition to wild bird feed, Gladwells Pet & Country Store also carries an extensive selection of high-quality supplies such as waterers and feeders themselves, seed scoops, squirrel baffles, bird huts, birdhouses, feeder dispensers, and much more. If you’d like to attract colourful little birdies to your property and don’t know where to start, enquire with us and we’ll happily help you select quality feed and accessories to get started.

Our wild bird accessories will provide any tweeting little visitors to your home with a safe and efficient means of nibbling on healthy seeds. Add beauty to your home with our quality products.

For all of your wild bird feed and wild bird accessory needs, look no further than Gladwells Pet & Country Store. We are committed to your satisfaction with all of our wild bird feed and wild bird accessories.

All of our wild bird feed and wild bird accessories are eligible for next-day delivery nationwide in the UK. Order online today.

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