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Small Holder Feeds

Whether you’re a smallholder keeping after small-scale livestock such as cattle, poultry, or pigs for profit or for your own free-range, organic agriculture, Gladwells Pet & Country Store has feed and accessories to ensure that your smallholding operation runs smoothly. Browse our smallholding products here.

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  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Breeder 20kg

    Goose & Duck Breeder Pellets are formulated for breeding birds and encourage natural egg production and fertility.

  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Grower/Finish 20kg

    Goose & Duck Grower/Finisher Pellets may be fed ad lib and encourages a slower, more natural growth rate to finish.

  • Allen & Page Pot Bellied Pig Cubes 20kg

    Pot-Bellied Pig Feed is specially formulated to keep your pigs trim and to help reduce heat stress.

  • Allen & Page Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg

    Pygmy Goat Mix is a wholesome feed with higher fibre levels. With added dried fruit and vegetables, similar to those which Pygmy goats would naturally forage for.

  • Allen & Page Sheep Mix 20kg

    Sheep Mix is a quality all-round maintenance mix suitable for ewes, rams and lambs from 5 weeks old.

  • Allen & Page Small Holder Range All Round Goat Mix 20kg

    The Smallholder Range All Round Goat Mix is a nutritious goat mix suitable for all mature goats. With a light molasses coating for palatability.

  • Allen & Page Smallholder Dry Goat Mix 20kg

    The Smallholder Range Dry Goat Mix is an unmolassed high energy mix suitable for goats of all ages, goats in the latter stages of pregnancy and breeding goats.

  • Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix 20kg

    Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix gives these unique animals an added protein, vitamin & mineral boost to their regular forage diet, especially useful during tough weather conditions or when the animals are struggling to maintain condition.

  • Battles Poultry Louse Powder

    Battles Poultry Louse Powder is a ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. Containing Permethrin it will be effective against mites lice and fleas.

  • Ceramic Feed Bowl - Apple

    A small, playful ceramic feed bowl suitable for small animals.

  • Ceramic Feed Bowl - Carrot

    A small, playful ceramic feed bowl suitable for small animals.

  • Charnwood Marine Duck Feed 15kg

    This balanced ration continues to use high levels of fish meal and shrimp as a replacement for the natural diet of molluscs, crustaceans and crabs.


Gladwells Pet & Country Store is your reliable supplier of high-performance smallholder animal feed and smallholder accessories in the UK. If you’ve got a small agricultural operation on your property and care for livestock or small farm animals, make their lives healthier and happier with our great selection of quality feed and accessories.

We carry many high-quality blends of animal feed for your pigs, cattle, chickens, alpacas, or any other smallholder livestock you may have on your property. Our specially-formulated blends of animal feed are ideal for smallholders looking to raise healthy, happy livestock. Many smallholders in the UK raise their own animals for purposes such as free-range, organic, or zero-kilometre provenance. This means you should not settle for second-best in terms of quality dietary concerns for your beloved livestock.

In addition to our smallholder animal feed products, Gladwells Pet & Country Store also supplies a wide range of agricultural supplies and accessories suitable for smallholders big and, well, small in scale of operations. We carry chicken feeders, waterers, coops, bedding, and more, as well as accessories and supplies for other common smallholder animals in the UK.

Our smallholder accessories will enable you to create a healthier, happier environment for your livestock and smallholding animals. Whether you’re raising an alpaca or a dozen chickens, our products can help your smallholding thrive and succeed.

For all of your smallholder animal feed and smallholder accessory needs, look no further than Gladwells Pet & Country Store. We are committed to your satisfaction with all of our smallholder animal feed and smallholder accessories.

All of our smallholder animal feed and smallholder accessories are eligible for next-day delivery nationwide in the UK. Order online today.

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