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Sheep Feed

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  • Allen & Page Sheep Mix 20kg

    Sheep Mix is a quality all-round maintenance mix suitable for ewes, rams and lambs from 5 weeks old.

  • Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix 20kg

    Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix gives these unique animals an added protein, vitamin & mineral boost to their regular forage diet, especially useful during tough weather conditions or when the animals are struggling to maintain condition.

  • Copdock Mill Whole Maize 20kg

    A high quality whole maize with a bright yellow appearance that is ideal for soaking.

  • Dengie Alfalfa Nuts Pellets 16% 20kg

    Simply 100% alfalfa and nothing else. Ideal for providing quality fibre in a concentrated form. High in fibre and suitable for horses, ponies and other animals.

  • Duffields Flockcare Ewe 18 Pencils 25kg

    The ewes’ nutritional requirements increase greatly in the last two months of pregnancy. At the same time appetite is restricted as the unborn lambs take up an ever larger space

  • GWF Nutrition Camelibra 20kg

    A high specification complementary feed for alpacas and llamas, designed to provide the correct nutritional balance to maintain healthy digestion and productivity from natural forage/fibre based diets.

  • Supabeet Pulp Pellets 25kg

    A high digestible fibre energy and palatable pelleted feed, available in bags only.


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