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  • Battles Poultry Louse Powder

    Battles Poultry Louse Powder is a ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. Containing Permethrin it will be effective against mites lice and fleas.

  • Battles Poultry Red Mite Powder

    Battles Poultry Red Mite Powder gives lasting protection against mites and lice.

  • Clean 'n' Safe Litter Tray Spray

    Johnson's Veterinary Clean 'n' Safe Cat Litter Tray Spray cleans and disinfects cat litter trays, feeding bowls, pet bedding etc.

  • GrowMoor 3 Plant Growbag

    The 3 Plant Growbag is a convenient bag that is usable anywhere from the window ledge to the greenhouse. GrowMoor Growbags are perfect for vegetable crops when growing tasty tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.

  • GrowMoor Farmyard Manure

    Growmoor’s Farmyard Manure is a high fertile natural addition to any soil to support most species of plant growth.

  • GrowMoor Multi Purpose Compost 60ltr

    Our Multi-Purpose is a specially formulated mixture of high quality peat, base fertilizer and wetting agent giving an open texture for plant roots to establish while providing nutrients for a

  • GrowMoor Ornamental Bark

    Growmoor's Ornamental Bark is a quality, durable ornamental conifer bark. Its attractive appearance, shape and size makes it ideal for long lasting beds and borders.

  • HomeFire Heat Logs x 12

    These high-energy, ultra dry heat logs provide an excellent alternative to traditional firewood.

  • Homefire Lumpwood Charcoal - 2.5kg

    Take the hassle out of barbecuing with the no fuss, easy to light Homefire Lumpwood Charcoal

  • Johnson's 4fleas Household Spray ‘Extra Guard’ (with I.G.R) - 6 x 600ml

    Kills fleas, larvae and other insects.

  • Johnson's 4Fleas Room Fogger Twin Pack 3 x 2 x 100ml

    Kills Fleas and other insects eg. ants, cockroaches, earwigs etc.

  • Johnson's Poultry Virenza Disinfectant 5 Ltr

    Johnson's Poultry Virenza Disinfectant is a broad spectrum virucidal all-purpose disinfectant and cleaner. Effective against avian influenza H5N1 and H7N1.


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