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Fishing Bait & Pellets

Novice and veteran fishermen alike can take advantage of Gladwells Pet & Country Store’s plentiful selection of high-quality fishing bait and pellets ideal for catching some of Britain’s finest river and deepwater fish such as halibut, carp, trout, and much more. Browse our fish bait and pellet products here.

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  • Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioning Seed 12.5kg

    Suitable all-year round feed for racing pigeons.

  • Copdock Mill Whole Maize 20kg

    A high quality whole maize with a bright yellow appearance that is ideal for soaking.

  • Copdock Mill Whole Wheat 20kg

    Whole Wheat is an excellent staple bird food for most bird species.

  • Hemp Seed 15kg

    Classic hemp seed.

  • Maize Meal 25kg

    Maize Meal is produced by grinding maize less finely than Maize Flour.

  • Maple Peas 25kg


Gladwells Pet & Country Store stocks a wide variety of fish bait and pellets to attract the most common lake, river, stream, and deepwater fish in the UK. Our products are sourced from wholesalers who have demonstrated over 30 years of professional experience in formulating high-quality fish bait and bait products from south east England.

We carry fish bait and pellets suitable for catching big barbel, trout, carp, catfish, coarse fish, halibut, and many other species found in our plentiful streams, rivers, and in deepwater coastal fisheries. Our product blends are formulated to simulate many attractive species and to ensure consistent hooks in short order from the desired fish species.

In addition to our bait and pellet products, Gladwells Pet & Country Store also carries groundbaits, tares, and expanders to maximise your hooks whilst on the water. Our products contain various ingredients such as squid & krill, groundbait binder, maize meal, maggot maize, tiger nut flour, breadcrumbs, hemp, bloodworm, mussel, fishmeal, pigeon conditioner, and much more. Enquire with our friendly team of knowledgeable experts at Gladwells Pet & Country Store and we can recommend a suitable product for your needs.

We also stock ready to go starter kits, hook baits, jelly pellets, pellet soaks, specialist groundbait, plastic buckets, expanders, day and session packs, fast breakdown pellets, and other specialised products for specific fishing needs.

For all of your fish bait and pellet needs, look no further than Gladwells Pet & Country Store. We are committed to your satisfaction with all of our fish bait and pellet feed and fishing accessories.

All of our fish bait and accessories are eligible for next-day delivery nationwide in the UK. Order online today.

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