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Gladwells Pet & Country Store has a wide array of high-quality, nutritious dog food, toys, beds, blankets, and more for your canny canine companions. Our dog food and accessories will keep your little (or big) doggo happy, healthy, and entertained. Feel free to browse our dog products here.

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  • Alpaca Plush Toy

    Trixie Alpaca Plush Toy For Dogs

  • Aqua Toy Ball

    Trixie aqua floatable toy ball for dogs. 7cm.

  • Aqua Toy Play Rope With Braided Ball

    Trixie aqua floatable toy play rope with a braided ball for dogs. Polyester 7cm Ball 21cm Rope Floats in water

  • Aqua Toy Rope With Ball

    Trixie aqua floatable toy rope with ball for dogs.

  • Aqua Tugger Toy

    Trixie three ring aqua tugger toy for dogs. 42cm.

  • Arden Grange Adult Chicken Large Breed 12kg

    Arden Grange large breed benefits from a larger kibble size and increased levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM making it an ideal diet for large breed dogs who need extra help in maintaining strong joints and cartilage.

  • Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken and Rice

    Arden Grange Adult with Fresh Chicken & Rice is a complete, super premium pet food for normally active adult dogs.

  • Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice

    Arden Grange Adult with Fresh Lamb & Rice is a complete, super premium pet food for normally active adult dogs.

  • Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Light Chicken & Rice

    Arden Grange Light with fresh chicken & rice is lower in protein and oil than our standard adult range.

  • Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Salmon & Rice

    Arden Grange Adult Fresh Salmon & Rice is a complete, super premium pet food for normally active adult dogs. Salmon provides an excellent quality protein source whilst also being highly digestible and palatable. Salmon is gentle on the digestion and may be of particular benefit to the skin and coat.

  • Arden Grange Adult Dry Dog Food Sensitive Grain Free Adult Fish & Potato

    Arden Grange Sensitive Adult Ocean White Fish & Potato is a nutritionally complete dry food, ideally suited for dogs with delicate digestion and/or sensitive skin. This cereal and grain free recipe includes fresh ocean white fish and provides all breeds of dog with a wholesome, naturally hypoallergenic diet. This diet also includes our blend of nutrient-rich superfood ingredients, to help your dog enjoy optimal health and vitality.

  • Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Dry Dog Food Chicken

    Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Rich in Fresh Chicken is a complete, super premium pet food for small and medium breed puppies and adolescent dogs. This diet provides the optimal balance of protein, fat, fibre, calcium and phosphorus to encourage steady and healthy growth and development. Arden Grange Puppy/Junior can be fed from eight weeks of age until your puppy has reached full adult height.


Gladwells Pet & Country Store is a leading supplier of nutritious dog food and dog accessories in the UK. Our dog food and dog accessories are designed with quality in mind and are competitively priced.

We carry dog food from well-known brands such as Pedigree, Arkwrights, and Harringtons. Our dog food products are specially-formulated to ensure that your puppy or adult dog obtains complete nutrition in their diet. Our dog food is packed with healthy nutrients, supplements, vitamins, and probiotics for most dogs, but we also carry special blends for dogs suffering from sensitive digestion or that require alternate diets.

When switching to or from a particular diet, ensure that you contact your local veterinarian to obtain a professional medical opinion. Some dogs will have difficulty adapting to a new diet, e.g. from raw food to extruded dog food (kibble).

In addition to dog food, Gladwells Pet & Country Store also carries a wide range of dog toys, furniture, and accessories. Keep your pupper happy and cosy with our velvet dog beds, dog sofas, relaxing dog mats, and back seat cover protectors for pleasant Sunday drives on country roads.

Our dog accessories are sourced from reputable wholesalers in the south east of England who have been in operation since the early 20th century. Their products are designed with quality, transparency, and competitive prices in mind. Experience excellent quality dog toys and accessories to keep them entertained and happy at home or on the road.

For all of your dog food and dog accessory needs, look no further than Gladwells Pet & Country Store. We are committed to your satisfaction with all of our dog food and dog accessories.

All of our dog food and dog accessories are eligible for next-day nationwide delivery in the UK. Order online today.

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