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Supabeet Pulp Pellets 25kg


A high digestible fibre energy and palatable pelleted feed, available in bags only.

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Product Description


  • A highly palatable feed – Can stimulate intakes of less palatable feeds, increasing milk and meat production.
  • A good source of digestible fibre – Provides the building blocks for milk fat synthesis, increasing value per litre.
  • Good levels of non-starch digestible fibre energy – Allows energy intakes to be increased without increasing the risk of acidosis associated with cereal feeding.
  • High content of digestible fibre – Assists in maintaining an optimum rumen pH.
  • Pellet durability. Suitable for a wide range of livestock – Designed to be suitable for use in ‘in parlour’, automated and floor feeding systems. Can be transferred to feeders via auger systems.

Availability, handling and storage

Supabeet is available all year round, UK wide in bags only. Like all dry feeds, they should be
stored in a secure shed, bunker, bin or hopper and kept cool, dry and free from vermin.


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Typical Nutritional Analysis:

Dry Matter 89%

Crude Protein 10.0%

Energy ME/kg 12.5

Oil 1.3%

NDF 32%

Starch 1%

Sugar 20%

DUP 2%

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