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  • A&P Herbal Quiet Mix 20kg

    Based on the original Quiet Mix, with the additional benefits of alfalfa and carefully selected premium grade herbs, including mint, garlic, rosemary, sage, thyme, nettle and cloves, Herbal Quiet Mix is particularly ideal for fussy feeders.

  • Allen & Page Calm & Condition 20kg

    Calm & Condition is a high calorie/energy feed for horses and ponies that need to put on or maintain weight and condition

  • Allen & Page Fast Fibre 20kg

    Fast Fibre is a low calorie/energy feed, ideal for the good doer or those who tend to be excitable even on low energy feeds.

  • Allen & Page L Mix 15kg

    ‘L’ Mix is our lowest calorie/energy feed within our feeding range making it ideal for good doers and those at rest or in light work.

  • Allen & Page Power & Performance 20kg

    Power & Performance is our revolutionary high energy competition feed, ideal for horses and ponies in harder work.

  • Allen & Page Ride & Relax 20kg

    Ride & Relax is a palatable muesli mix for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Being barley and molasses free, starch and sugar levels are kept lower than those found in traditional mid-range energy mixes, making it ideal for horses and ponies that tend to get excitable on these feeds.

  • Allen & Page Soothe & Gain

    Soothe & Gain is a high calorie, low starch and low sugar soaked feed, suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers.

  • Allen & Page Veteran Vitality 20kg

    Veteran Vitality has been specially formulated for horses and ponies from the first signs of ageing.

  • Allen & Page Weight Gain Mix 20kg

    Weight Gain Mix is formulated without pellets and cereal grains are micronised for improved digestibility.

  • Aubiose Supreme Hemp Bedding 20kg

  • Baileys Aqua-Aide 2kg

    Aqua-Aide contains key salts, including potassium chloride and magnesium, in addition to the commonly included sodium chloride, plus sufficient dextrose for optimum absorption.

  • Baileys Digest Plus 1kg

    Digest Plus is particularly useful at times of stress when bacterial populations may be compromised, resulting in loose droppings, loss of condition or other digestive upsets.


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