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Equestrian Straights & Horse Feeds

Welcome to our extensive range of equestrian horse feeds and straights. Our selection includes quality feeds from trusted brands such as Allen & Page, Baileys, Spillers, and Dengie. Whether you need high-calorie feeds for performance horses, low-energy options for those at rest, or specialised feeds for older horses, we have something to suit every equine dietary requirement.

Browse through our diverse offerings to find the perfect nutrition for your horse, ensuring optimal health and performance.

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  • A&P Quiet Mix 20kg

    If your horse or pony is at rest, in light work or ridden every now and then, Quiet Mix is the ideal choice.

  • Allen & Page Calm & Condition 20kg

    Calm & Condition is a high calorie/energy feed for horses and ponies that need to put on or maintain weight and condition

  • Allen & Page Fast Fibre 20kg

    Fast Fibre is a low calorie/energy feed, ideal for the good doer or those who tend to be excitable even on low energy feeds.

  • Allen & Page L Mix 15kg

    ‘L’ Mix is our lowest calorie/energy feed within our feeding range making it ideal for good doers and those at rest or in light work.

  • Allen & Page Muscle & Focus 20kg

  • Allen & Page Power & Performance 20kg

    Power & Performance is our revolutionary high energy competition feed, ideal for horses and ponies in harder work.

  • Allen & Page Ride & Relax 20kg

    Ride & Relax is a palatable muesli mix for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Being barley and molasses free, starch and sugar levels are kept lower than those found in traditional mid-range energy mixes, making it ideal for horses and ponies that tend to get excitable on these feeds.

  • Allen & Page Soothe & Gain

    Soothe & Gain is a high calorie, low starch and low sugar soaked feed, suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers.

  • Allen & Page Veteran Vitality 20kg

    Veteran Vitality has been specially formulated for horses and ponies from the first signs of ageing.

  • Allen & Page Weight Gain Mix 20kg

    Weight Gain Mix is formulated without pellets and cereal grains are micronised for improved digestibility.

  • Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets (Hay Replacer) 20kg

    Fibre Plus Nuggets are chunky, high fibre cubes designed to be fed as a partial forage replacer to horses and ponies of all types at rest or in work.

  • Baileys High Fibre Everyday Cubes 20kg

    Everyday High Fibre Cubes are high fibre and low energy and ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work.


Find the right horse feed for your horse

Browse our extensive range of equestrian horse feed, we’ve worked hard to provide a varied and extensive range suitable for all types of horses at all stages of their lives. We’ve a range of mixes, cubes and straights.

Horse Food: Compound Feeds Vs Straights

Compound horse feeds are a complete feed, usually available as a mix and are to be fed alongside a forage. Compound feeds have been created to give the horse a complete, balanced diets which feature all the minerals and vitamins for your horses’ requirements, whether that’s a mix designed for performance such as Spiller’s performance mix or a mix designed for a horse at rest or light work such as Allen & Page Quiet mix.

Straight feeds relate to non-complete types of feed such as maize, bran, wheat, oats and barley and therefore they’re not a complete feed for your horse as they don’t feature added vitamins or minerals (if you need these then see our range of equine supplements). This means you’ll need to add a horse feed balancer such as the range from blue chip who provide a range of balancers to suit your horses needs. This does also mean that feeding will take longer as you’ll need to get the balance right and mix the horse feeds yourself. Straight feeds are also often a cheaper option but remember; you’ll need to factor in the cost of minerals and balancers.

If you don’t feed your horse a complete, balanced diet then this can lead to issues if they lack certain minerals or vitamins an example of this is feeding a horse straights without a balanced mix can lead to a lack of calcium, vitamins and amino acids such as lysine which is very important has horses do not make their own lysine and therefore need this in their diet. An insufficient amount of lysine can mean the horse cannot process protein correctly which can lead to a number of health issues and result in loss of condition, poor hoof growth and coat condition.

Buy Horse Feeds and Straight Online

Whatever you decide the Gladwell’s team are on hand to provide help and advice. Browse our extensive range and buy online today for fast delivery UK wide or stop by one of your local country stores to speak to one of our team members. You can always give us a call on 01473 730246 for assistance.

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