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Waterfowl Feed

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  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Breeder 20kg

    Goose & Duck Breeder Pellets are formulated for breeding birds and encourage natural egg production and fertility.

  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Grower/Finish 20kg

    Goose & Duck Grower/Finisher Pellets may be fed ad lib and encourages a slower, more natural growth rate to finish.

  • Battles Poultry Louse Powder

    Battles Poultry Louse Powder is a ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. Containing Permethrin it will be effective against mites lice and fleas.

  • Charnwood Marine Duck Feed 15kg

    This balanced ration continues to use high levels of fish meal and shrimp as a replacement for the natural diet of molluscs, crustaceans and crabs.

  • Copdock Mill Duck & Goose Pellets

    A complete diet for adult waterfowl.

  • Copdock Mill Wheat Discs Plain

    A natural, complementary floating feed for ducks, swans and geese.

  • Copdock Mill Whole Wheat 20kg

    Whole Wheat is an excellent staple bird food for most bird species.

  • Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens

    Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens is a chopped straw bedding with pine oil added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Fancy Feeds Fenland Waterfowl Pellets 20kg

    Formulated to provide a complete balanced maintenance diet for all types of adult and laying ducks, geese and waterfowl.

  • Quackers Duck, Goose & Swan Food / Treats

    A natural, complimentary floating feed for ducks, swans & geese.


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