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Simple ‘n’ Clean Cat Litter


Clean and odour-neutralizing – Simple’n’Clean silicate litter for cat litter trays

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Product Description

You want a clean, hygienic and odourless cat litter tray? The granules with silica gel of our Simple’n’Clean Silicate Litter reliably absorb your cat’s urine – through many small holes in the granules, the liquid can be quickly absorbed and then evaporates. Unpleasant odours stick to the litter and are neutralized. Our silicate litter is low-weight, economical to use and effective for up to four weeks. Used litter can be disposed of in the bin for organic waste or household waste. In addition, the low-dust silicate cat litter is ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

  • granules
  • absorbs the urine
  • neutralizes bad odours
  • light-weight
  • economical to use
  • low-dust/suitable for allergy sufferers
  • 5L or 8L


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