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  • Alpaca Plush Toy

    Trixie Alpaca Plush Toy For Dogs

  • Aqua Toy Ball

    Trixie aqua floatable toy ball for dogs. 7cm.

  • Aqua Toy Rope With Ball

    Trixie aqua floatable toy rope with ball for dogs.

  • Aqua Tugger Toy

    Trixie three ring aqua tugger toy for dogs. 42cm.

  • Arlay Dog Coat

    The Trixie Arlay Dog coat with fleece lining and padding is water-repellent and can be combined with a harness.

  • Badalona Cat Tree

    Trixie Badalona cat tree with plush coated cave.

  • Bathrobe For Dogs

    Trixie terry cloth bathrobe for dogs with chest bib and continuously adjustable waist belt with buckle.

  • Beef Flavour Toothpaste For Dogs 100g

    Trixie toothpaste for dogs. Pleasant beef flavour eases dental hygiene.

  • Bird Perch

    The Trixie bird perch with a screw attachment is ideal for caged birds such us cockatiels and parrots.

  • Bunny Plush Toy

    Trixie Bunny Plush Toy For Dogs

  • Capri Transport Box

    The Trixie Capri Transport Box for pets with storage tray and stroking flap.

  • Car Harness

    The Trixie dog car harness with adjustable straps to keep your pet safe on car journeys. Can also be used on daily walks.


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