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Sundown Kitt-E-Litter 15kg


Natural straw pellet cat litter

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Product Description

Natural and Unscented – Made from 100% British straw, Kitt-e-litter is biodegradable and free from fragrance, clay, and silica.

High Quality, Made Locally – Only the best wheat straw, grown on British farms, is selected for Kitt-e-litter, which keeps our our quality high and our transport miles low.

Long-Lasting and Economical – Highly absorbent pellets quickly lock away urine and smells, with wet patches and faeces easy to remove, keeping the litter tray clean and fresh!

How to use Kitt-e-litter

  1. Fill the tray to around 5cm deep. Don’t overfill; Kitt-e-litter pellets expand up to three-times their size when wet.
  2. Remove faeces daily. Bag and place in your household waste. Do not flush or compost cat faeces.
  3. Kitt-e-litter pellets will rapidly expand as they absorb urine, locking-in smells.
  4. Remove expanded litter regularly and top-up with fresh pellets to keep the tray at the same depth.
  5. Replace the whole tray every week or so, depending on the number of cats using the litter and how frequently you remove wet patches.
  6. Waste Kitt-e-litter (faeces removed) can be composted at home, or via your garden waste collection, but check with your local council first. You can also bag it and dispose in your household waste.


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