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Spillers Alfalfa Pro Fibre 20kg


Soft, alfalfa blend ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.

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Product Description

  • Soft, alfalfa blend ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.
  • High in oil to enhance coat shine and provide slow release energy for optimum condition.
  • Includes short chopped alfalfa, rich in quality protein and bioavailable calcium to extend eating time and provide a natural buffer to stomach acid.
  • Low in sugar and starch to support digestive health and reduce the risk of excitability.
  • Ideal for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers.
  • With added vitamin E, the most important antioxidant, to balance the high oil content.


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Lucerne (alfalfa), Soya (bean) hulls (genetically modified), Wheatfeed, Chopped cereal straw (oat & wheat), Grass high temperature dried (grass nuts), Molasses and soya oil (from genetically modified soya) blend, Rapeseed oil, Cereal straw treated (oat & wheat, sodium), Calcium carbonate, Soya bean meal dehulled (genetically modified), magnesium oxide, Sodium chloride (salt)

Please note that we may occasionally make small adjustments to our formulations.

Nutritional Specification
Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)
Oil (%)
Protein (%)
Fibre (%)
Starch (%)
Sugar (%)
Vitamin E (iu/kg)
Calcium (%)
Potassium (%)

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