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Suregrow Meadow & Laminitic Grass Mix 10kg


Suregrow Meadow & Laminitic Grass Mix creates a non-ryegrass sward, thus reducing grass sugar levels to grazing animals

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Product Description

  • Creates a non-ryegrass sward, thus reducing grass sugar levels to grazing animals
  • By its nature and component makeup it will help grazing horses and ponies to reduce the incidence of laminitis
  • An ideal choice as a rye┬áreplacement where laminitis has previously been an issue
  • All grass species included in SG Meadow and Laminitics mixture cure quickly because of the lower soluble carbohydrate and sugar content within the forage it produces
  • Especially suited to heavier, wetter or more difficult soil types, where ryegrass is not wanted as part of the mixture
  • Produces a coarser grass sward. It is durable and also flexible to occasionally make good quality hay or haylage
  • Extremely persistent and winter hardy, therefore ideal for longer duration usage
  • Can be spread by hand

The ideal sowing window is the period from March to mid-September ideally when the soil is moist or when rain is forecast and the weather is frost free. If possible keep the horses off for 2-3 weeks and once the grass is showing apply SUREGROW FERTILISER

Mixed herbs available.
*Herbs mix is Chicory/Burnet/Ribgrass/Sheeps Parsley

Sow shallow (max depth of 1cm) and ensure a clean and weed free seed bed that is both fine and firm in structure. For best results, drill at least 10 to 12 kilos/acre, and ensure your pH levels, P & K are adequate, prior to sowing.

Application for small areas
Loosen soil on bare patches by raking with a grass rake or grass harrows. Scatter grass seed on at a rate of 12kgs per acre if using a spreader or at a rate of 3 grammes per square metre by hand. Cover seed by lightly raking or harrowing and then firm by rolling or walking on.

  • Always store under cover in a cool dry place
  • Reseal bag after part use
  • Do not store in feed area
  • Can be spread by hand (wearing of gloves for sensitive skin is advisable)
  • Not recommended to be used by children
  • Do not feed to animals


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