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Skinners Field & Trial Puppy / Junior Lamb & Rice 15kg


A dry puppy food with brilliant all-round nutrition to support puppies and young working dogs from weaning through to adulthood.

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Product Description

A dry puppy food with brilliant all-round nutrition to support puppies and young working dogs from weaning through to adulthood.

It’s wheat-free to help sensitive digestion and ideal for large or giant breeds.

Has the recipe changed?

    • We have replaced sunflower oil with poultry fat to help maintain the high quality of our products.
    • We have added benefits for joint, heart, digestive and cognitive health.

Has the kibble size/shape changed?

    • There will now be a dual kibble shape and size – triangle and round.


Q. Which types of dog is this food suitable for?

    • Puppies from weaning to approximately 18 months of age (dependant on breed/type).
    • Puppies of large breeds/types who will benefit from nutrition supporting a steady growth rate.
    • Puppies and young dogs with sensitivities/intolerances to wheat, maize or barley.
    • Pregnant and lactating bitches.

Q. Why should you choose Puppy & Junior Rich In Lamb & Rice for your dog?

  • Contains British lamb meat meal (15.5%) as a highly digestible protein source to support growth and development.
  • Contains MOS (mannanoligosaccharides) and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) as prebiotics to support gut health and development.
  • Balanced and complete vitamin and mineral profile to support growth.
  • Includes linseed as a source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for skin and coat condition.
  • Maize, barley and wheat gluten free formulation making it ideal for sensitive puppies.
  • 24% protein and 12% fat to support growth and development; ideal for larger breed puppies.
  • Skinner’s Field & Trial Puppy Lamb and Rice is a complete food that provides all the nutrients your puppy needs to grow into a fit, happy and healthy dog.


It can be fed straight from the bag or, if your dog prefers, moistened a few minutes before serving with a small amount of tepid water.


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Brown rice 39.3%, Lamb meat meal 15.5%, Pea protein, Naked oats, Whole linseed, Brewer’s yeast, Poultry fat, Peas, Sunflower meal, Dried egg, Beet pulp, Vitamins & minerals, Cellulose, Marine algae meal, MOS 2500mg/kg, FOS 1000mg/kg, Herb blend 750mg/kg, Glucosamine 250mg/kg, Chondroitin sulphate 150mg/kg, Seaweed 150mg/kg, Yucca 100mg/kg

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