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Equiglo Cooked Full Fat Linseed 15kg


Whole Linseed that has been cleaned, micronized and then ground into a coarse powder. Of EU/UK origin. FEMAS & Beta NOPS assured.

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Product Description

  • A nutritious and natural product that can be included in all feeding regimes for condition, performance and general wellbeing.
  • Made in the UK from pure, great-quality linseed that has been micronised and milled to improve the availability of ingredients and allow higher digestible energy levels
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Extremely palatable and a good source of slow-release energy
  • Provides high-quality protein to support muscle development and recovery
  • Rich in natural antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, and flavonoids to help support tissue structure
  • Beneficial for horses and ponies on forage or fibre-based diets

Limits to Usage
Can be included in all ruminant diets. High levels may have a laxative effect.

Physical Contaminants
This product should not contain any type of foreign body, for example, stones, wood or metal. Up to 2% admixture of other E.V.M. is acceptable.

Chemical Contaminants
At the sale, this product should not contain any contaminants such as aflatoxins, heavy metals or pesticide residues above the statutory marginal values for the relevant substances.

Quality Assurance
To ensure quality and traceability raw material is sourced from A.I.C. accredited suppliers. Raw materials and finished products are checked against specifications. Only ‘positive released’ finished products are despatched.

Shelf Life & Storage Advise
Recommended Best Before date is 12 months from the day of manufacture. To be stored in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months from opening.


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Colour: Brown
Appearance: Powder <2.5mm; <30% whole seeds
Texture: Slightly coarse
Odour: Typical to linseed
Bulk Density: 500g/l (±50g)

Typical Analysis
Moisture <12%, Crude Protein 23%, Crude Fibre 8%, Crude Fat (Omega-3 18.2%, Omega-6 5.3%, Omega-9 7.7%), Crude Ash 4.5%, Lysine 0.93%, Methionine 0.46%, Calcium 0.25%, Phosphorus 0.65%, Potassium 0.93%, Magnesium 0.36%, Salt 0.31%, Starch 3.7%, Sugar 3.5%, Linoleic 5.15%, Sodium 0.06%, Threonine (total) 0.90%, Chloride <0.1%, Sulphur 0.22%, Copper 12.6 mg/kg, Manganese 14.8 mg/kg, Zinc 50.5 mg/kg, Iron 90.2 mg/kg, Selenium 0.08 mg/kg, Digestible Energy 16-19 MJ/kg.


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