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  • Sundown Egg-e-bed 19kg

    Finely-chopped wheat straw poultry bedding

  • Sundown Equine Green Straw Bedding 20kg

    Sundown Equine Green Straw Bedding is economical chopped wheat straw horse bedding. Good for your horse, good for the environment!

  • Sundown Equine Yellow Rapestraw 19kg

    Sundown Yellow is one of the most absorbent chopped straw bedding materials.

  • Sundown Kitt-E-Litter 15kg

    Natural straw pellet cat litter

  • Sundown Sun-e-bed Straw Pellets 15kg

    Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable horse bedding that saves time mucking-out, without compromising bed quality or comfort.


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