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Dog Grooming, Cleaning & Odour Control

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  • Bathrobe For Dogs

    Trixie terry cloth bathrobe for dogs with chest bib and continuously adjustable waist belt with buckle.

  • Dog Rocks Natural Protection for Lawns from Urine Discoloration

    Dog Rocks are a cost effective and natural product for keeping your lawn free from urine discolouration. The igneous rocks are mined in Australia meaning they are 100% natural. We

  • Groomi Grooming Tool - Pink/Black

    The Groomi Tool is the only shedding tool you will ever need!

  • Nilaqua Towel Off Flea, Tick & Fly Repellent Pet Shampoo

    Natural Flea, Tick & Fly Repellent Pet Shampoo

  • Nilaqua Towel Off Pet Shampoo

    Nilaqua® is a revolution in pet hygiene! Apply, Massage into a Foam, and Towel out the dirt…Completely stress free for both you and your dog.

  • Pet Towel

    Trixie microfibre pet towel for dogs and cats. Grey, 50 x 60cm


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