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  • Blue Chip Dynamic 15kg

    A pelleted supplement designed for performance horses, growing young stock, and those needing extra support for bone and joint health.

  • Blue Chip Lami Light Balancer 15kg

    A palatable formulation for those prone to Laminitis, on restricted grazing, and a wide range of good doers. Lami Light is a low starch, molasses free, no added sugar balancer which supports digestive health, fat metabolism and hoof quality.

  • Blue Chip Original Feed Balancer 15kg

    The perfect feed balancer to aid top line development. Non-heating formulation, perfect for horses in light to medium work.

  • Blue Chip Super Concentrate Joint Care Balancer 3kg Bag

    Provides the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, whilst supporting daily joint health, function and comfort. A great daily balancer to protect joint health for the future. Are you looking for

  • Blue Chip Super Concentrate Senior Balancer 3kg Bag

    Why Senior? Ensuring your pony/horse receives the necessary nutrients whilst supporting the ageing process. Is your horse over 14 years old? Does your pony/horse require additional support with joint health

  • Blue Chip Super Concentrate Ulsa Cool Balancer 3kg Bag

    Why Ulsa-Cool? Perfect for horses and ponies who need support for digestive wellbeing including those prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. A super-concentrated formulation with additional gut buffering ingredients to

  • Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer 3kg Bag

    Why Calming? A feed balancer with added calming supplements, removing the need for additional supplementation, saving you money, and ensuring your pony/horse receives the necessary nutrients whilst staying stress free.

  • Blue Chip Super Concentrated Low Calorie Balancer 3kg Bag

    Why Low Calorie? For safe controlled weight loss, with incredibly low sugar and starch levels. A super-concentrated formulation ensuring nutritional needs are met in a calorie-controlled diet. Does your pony/horse


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