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What is TurmerItch?

It is a new pellet supplement for a healthy skin and coat which has been developed for horses and ponies with skin conditions. TurmerItch combines key ingredients including Neem, Red Bush Tea and Chamomile, to help provide relief from itching and soothe the skin by promoting a healthy skin and coat. It also contains Turmeric and Micronised Linseed to help produce a high shine to the horse’s coat.

Why Should I feed TurmerItch?

The active ingredients in TurmerItch support biting insect repulsion and help maintain reduced sensitivity which was demonstrated during trials with the supplement over a 12-month period. Not only was the supplement extremely beneficial to horses suffering with itching, it also improved hair regrowth and coat shine.

  • Horses need a healthy skin and coat all year round as the horse’s skin is his first barrier against external threats such as the weather, biting insects and disease.
  • The carefully selected ingredients are soothing to reduce itching, promote hair regrowth and help to repel biting insects, as well as keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny.
  • Insect Bite Hypersensitivity, otherwise known as Sweet Itch in the UK, usually affects most horses from March until October but starting the ‘sweet itch season’ primed is important for the best possible advantage before midges strike.
  • By “priming” the body to be less responsive to allergens generally, subsequent seasonal rises in midge bites should be less of a problem; the skin of the horse will have a barrier of bioactives that have been shown to act as a repellent, neem for example, and be less responsive to bites.
  • Using TurmerItch as part of sweet itch management is a new approach which proved to be very effective in trials. By introducing this dietary system that can help optimise digestive health, the microbiome and gut integrity, the allergenic contribution to the itch threshold is reduced; subsequent challenges from biting insects may then fall below the threshold, thus reducing scratching and damage to the coat and skin.

How much TurmerItch should I feed?

A 2kg tub is approximately a 40 day supply for a 500kg horse, based on 25g – twice daily.

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