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Top tips for travelling with your pet in the UK

Summer is arriving and it’s time to start packing your bags for that road trip getaway! There are plenty of amazing places to visit in the UK. Including adventurous dog walks through forests, strolling along beaches and finding a dog friendly pub or cafe in a hidden country village.

When you’re making your list of things to do and pack, it’s important to remember our four-legged friends have a few requirements of their own to travel safely and happily. Here are our top tips for travelling with your best friend this summer…

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are travelling by car, take multiple short trips with your pet to get them accustomed to riding in the car before your holiday. Gradually increase the length of these car trips to work up to long-distance travel if you have a lengthy journey ahead of you.

Identify Your Pet

As well as your pet’s microchip, make sure they have a collar and ID tag with your contact information on when you’re out and about. If you have a permanent residence for your holiday you could also include a temporary tag with this information incase you get separated from your pet.

Safety First

If you are travelling by car your pet should be securely fastened in their travel space to avoid any risk to them or yourself whilst driving. This could be a travel crate that your pet is used to, a pet carrier, a travel harness which attaches to the car or a boot gate. If you are using a boot gate your pet will still need to be secured using a harness or crate. ALWAYS REMEMBER dogs die in hot cars. Never leave your pet alone in a parked car.

Take A Break

Take regular stops on long car journeys so you and your pet can stretch your legs, rehydrate and go to the toilet.


Bring your own water and travel bottle or dish for your dog. These can be helpful on walks and car trips where clean water or feeding bowls may not be easily accessible.

Favourite Toy

If you have a nervous pet why not bring along a favourite toy or blanket on your trip? The familiar scent and friendly face will help to keep your pet relaxed when away from home.


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