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  • Baileys Aqua-Aide 2kg

    Aqua-Aide contains key salts, including potassium chloride and magnesium, in addition to the commonly included sodium chloride, plus sufficient dextrose for optimum absorption.

  • Baileys Digest Plus 1kg

    Digest Plus is particularly useful at times of stress when bacterial populations may be compromised, resulting in loose droppings, loss of condition or other digestive upsets.

  • Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets (Hay Replacer) 20kg

    Fibre Plus Nuggets are chunky, high fibre cubes designed to be fed as a partial forage replacer to horses and ponies of all types at rest or in work.

  • Baileys Garlic Supplement

    Garlic has long been used to support a healthy respiratory system as well for the digestive system and as a natural insect repellent.

  • Baileys High Fibre Everyday Cubes 20kg

    Everyday High Fibre Cubes are high fibre and low energy and ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work.

  • Baileys High Fibre Everyday Mix 20kg

    Everyday High Fibre Mix is a high fibre, low energy coarse mix ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work.

  • Baileys Limestone Flour 3kg

    Rich in Calcium, Baileys Limestone Flour is an effective solution to calcium deficiencies, particularly through simple cereal diets.

  • Baileys No 21 Ease & Excel Mix 15kg

    Ease & Excel is ideal for promoting weight gain, maintaining condition and supporting performance in all horses and ponies requiring a low starch diet.

  • Baileys No.1 Cooked Cereal Meal 20kg

    The “original” non-heating conditioning feed, Cooked Cereal Meal was Baileys’ foundation product and, although the formulation has been updated over the years, it remains as effective as ever.

  • Baileys No.14 Lo-Cal Balancer 20kg

    Lo-Cal Balancer is a top specification nutrient-dense pelleted balancer, containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well-being, without the calories associated with a traditional mix or cube.

  • Baileys No.15 Senior Mix 20kg

    As a horse gets older his digestive system becomes less efficient so he may no longer obtain the full nutritional benefit from the feed he gets. If you notice that your older horse is not looking quite as good as he used to on his current diet, it could be time to step up to a specially formulated feed, like Senior Mix.

  • Baileys No.17 Topline Conditioning Mix 20kg

    This non-heating mix was formulated to deliver similar benefits to Top Line Conditioning Cubes and is free from whole oats with cereals that have been micronised to make the starch content as digestible as possible.


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