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Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill Floating Mix – Ultra Light 1.5 Ltr


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Product Description

  • Extra light floating pond feed
  • With spirulina & wheat germ
  • Flavoured with insect meal
  • Ideal for Shubunkin, Goldfish, Orfe & most small cold-water fish

Copdock Mill works with expert fish nutritionists and modern manufacturing processes to give you the best quality feed for your freshwater pond fish. Our range of different feed products gives you everything you need to provide a healthy and varied diet all year round. Rigorously tested, Copdock Mill pond food is loved by all species and is eaten readily. Leaving little to no waste which helps to maintain excellent water quality.


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Wheat flour, Horse beans (dehulled), Maize, Soya (dehulled, extracted, toasted), Spirulina


Crude Protein 18%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude Fibre 2.7%, Crude Ash 2.7%, Phosphorus 0.5%, Calcium 0.3%, Sodium 0.1%


Vitamin A (IU/kg) 10000, Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) 1250

Trace Elements

Iron 20mg, Iodine 1mg, Copper 3mg, Manganese 8mg, Zinc 60mg, Selenium 0.2mg, Propyl gallate 1mg, Butylated hydroxytoluene 3mg

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