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  • Aquamax Bedding

    Aquamax Bedding is a highly absorbent wood crumble bedding manufactured using 100% pure pine white wood fibre sourced from sustainable forests.

  • Aubiose Supreme Hemp Bedding 20kg

  • Bed-Down Excel Bedding 120Ltr

    Excel is one of the very first purpose made beddings for horses.

  • Bed-Down Lavender Shavings 120ltr

    Bed-Down Lavender Shavings are manufactured from top quality soft, white wood shavings, with the added benefits of lavender oil, perfect for anxious horses or those that suffer from allergies.

  • Bed-Down Rapasorb 120ltr

    Bed-Down Rapasorb is a rape straw product with sensational PRO ABSORPTION properties, meaning you can spend less time mucking out and more time with your horse.

  • Bedmax Low Dust Shavings 18kg

    Bedmax shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies.

  • BedSoft Bio 16kg

    BedSoft Bio is made from Oil Seed Rape Straw which provides a highly absorbent, low dust practical equine bedding.

  • BedSoft Original 16kg

    BedSoft Original is made from the highest quality wheat straw which provides a wonderfully soft and cosy bed. It is easy to muck out and has a very low dust content, which is more unpalatable than conventional unprocessed wheat straw.

  • Copdock Mill Paper Bedding

    Copdock Mill Paper Bedding is multi-purpose: suitable as bedding for all small animals, reptiles and dogs. Made from 100% recycled paper.

  • Easibed Bale 20kg

    easibed is a break-through in horse bedding. Its dust free and supportive properties have made it a favourite with horses and their owners alike for more than 15 years.

  • Littlemax Woodshavings 18kg

    Littlemax shavings offer you a finer, lighter alternative to Bedmax, with all the same benefits to your horses’ health and added advantages in speed and ease of stable management.

  • Megazorb 85 Litre

    Highly absorbent bedding made from biodegradable virgin wood pulp fibre, a by-product of the British papermaking industry


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