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  • Dog Doctors Anti-Chew Spray 240ml

    This spray to stop dogs chewing works effectively by making the taste of sprayed objects undesirable to pets. Simply spray the problem areas (shoes, tables, etc.) and relax.

  • Dog Doctors Coprophagia Soft Chews

    Veterinarian-formulated with natural ingredients, advanced stool-eating deterrent, Coprophagia Soft Chews, have proven extremely effective in discouraging this unfortunate (but common) behaviour.

  • Dog Doctors Natural Calm 236ml

    This Natural Calming Spray for dogs is formulated to simulate canine pheromones that provide a sense of safety and well-being.

  • Dog Doctors Urine Stopper 473ml

    Urine stopper spray prevents dogs from repeat marking indoors and outside your home. The spray eliminates the urine scent so your pet will not re-urinate in the same area.

  • Dog Rocks Natural Protection for Lawns

    Dog Rocks are a cost effective and natural product for keeping your lawn free from urine discolouration. The igneous rocks are mined in Australia meaning they are 100% natural. We

  • Life Vest For Dogs

    Life vest for dogs for safety during water games and training or for boat trips


    Dogs love to crunch and PEDIGREE® BISCROK® Gravy Bones are crunchy dog treat biscuits that are full of flavour and baked to perfection. A great way to make the most of treat time!

  • Trixie Bacon Pâté

    Trixie Bacon Pâté for dogs

  • Trixie Beef Pâté

    Trixie Beef Pâté for dogs

  • Trixie Liver Pâté With Hemp

    Trixie Liver Pâté with Hemp for dogs

  • Trixie Veggie Pâté

    Trixie Veggie Pâté for dogs


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