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Halloween tips for pet owners

We hope everyone has fun this Halloween! The spooky season brings with it some dangers for our pets so here are our top Halloween tips for keeping your animals safe…

Safe spaces

Provide your pet with a safe, quiet space to retreat to. Some pets may be anxious with trick or treaters knocking on the door frequently. Pet calming product ranges are also available in our stores. Why not consider leaving treats outside for trick-or-treaters to cut down on doorbell rings.

Lock away that chocolate!

Keep all chocolates and sweets away from pets at all times. Although yummy to humans, many Halloween treats can be poisonous to animals or present a choking hazard.

Daytime walks

Walk your dog in the daylight to avoid crowds of people or if you are taking your pet out in the evening make sure their identification is attached and up to date.

Keep busy

Keep your pet distracted and entertained with toys such as lick mats or toys stuffed with their favourite treats.

What to wear

For some pets, wearing a costume may cause stress. If you do dress up your pet for Halloween, make sure the costume does not limit their movement, sight or ability to breathe. Check the costume carefully for any choking hazards. Trial the costume before the event and if they seem distressed ditch the costume completely!

Our stores stock a range of accessories and supplies for your pets. Including Halloween themed toys for a limited time and pumpkin flavoured treats! Find your local store here:

Share our Halloween tips for pet owners with friends and family this spooky season!

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