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Copdock Mill Pond

Founded in 1912 by Herbert George Gladwell, Copdock Mill originally started as a country mill. Over the years, Copdock Mill has diversified into many types of different animal feeds including fish food for ponds, and it still remains a family-owned brand today.

Copdock Mill works with expert fish nutritionists and modern manufacturing processes to give the best quality feed for freshwater pond fish. Their range of different feed products provides everything you need to provide a healthy and varied diet all year round.


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Copdock Mill Pond
Best Sellers

  • Copdock Mill Floating Sticks Ultra Light 3kg

    A complete feed for all pond fish

  • Copdock Mill Pond Flakes 5Ltr

    A complete food for freshwater pond fish.

  • Copdock Mill Pond Pellets 10kg

    A complete feedstuff for fish.

  • Copdock Mill Ultra Low Density Floating Pond Sticks 11Ltr

    A complete feed for all pond fish


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