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  • A&P Herbal Quiet Mix 20kg

    Based on the original Quiet Mix, with the additional benefits of alfalfa and carefully selected premium grade herbs, including mint, garlic, rosemary, sage, thyme, nettle and cloves, Herbal Quiet Mix is particularly ideal for fussy feeders.

  • A&P Quiet Mix 20kg

    If your horse or pony is at rest, in light work or ridden every now and then, Quiet Mix is the ideal choice.

  • Allen & Page Breeder & Grower Rabbit Pellets 20kg

    These pellets are suitable for feeding from weaning through to adulthood, and to the pregnant doe. Made from natural, wholesome ingredients – including grass, linseed and oat fibre – these pellets are completely balanced, with all the vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs.

  • Allen & Page Calm & Condition 20kg

    Calm & Condition is a high calorie/energy feed for horses and ponies that need to put on or maintain weight and condition

  • Allen & Page Fast Fibre 20kg

    Fast Fibre is a low calorie/energy feed, ideal for the good doer or those who tend to be excitable even on low energy feeds.

  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Breeder 20kg

    Goose & Duck Breeder Pellets are formulated for breeding birds and encourage natural egg production and fertility.

  • Allen & Page Goose & Duck Grower/Finish 20kg

    Goose & Duck Grower/Finisher Pellets may be fed ad lib and encourages a slower, more natural growth rate to finish.

  • Allen & Page Guinea Pig Mix + Vit C 20kg

    Made from high-quality ingredients including cereals (barley, maize, oats), peas, beans and real carrot pieces. This mix is balanced with all the vitamins and minerals your guinea pig needs.

  • Allen & Page L Mix 15kg

    ‘L’ Mix is our lowest calorie/energy feed within our feeding range making it ideal for good doers and those at rest or in light work.

  • Allen & Page Muscle & Focus 20kg

  • Allen & Page Natural Rabbit Pellets 20kg

    Made from natural, wholesome ingredients – including alfalfa, grass, linseed, oat fibre and mint – these pellets are completely balanced, with all the vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs.

  • Allen & Page Old Faithful Special Blend 20kg

    Old Faithful’s Special Blend provides easily digestible ingredients along with a good calorie level to help older horses and ponies maintain condition.


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